Offshore Wind Farm

Westermost Rough Onshore Substation R.O.C Walkthrough Model

Our client, Dong Energy required the creation of a model of our substation design for their Westermost Rough 150/275kV Onshore Substation, to be used within their R.O.C drill.

R.O.C, meaning Rehearsal of Concept, is a procedure in which a project is taken through each of the phases of the construction and installation process from initial site set up through to completion.

We created a durable base board displaying the complete site plan, with a clear Perspex finish, which allowed our client to walk on and around the model and use washable markers for direct annotation. A range of materials were used to build the model up and construct the elements (balsa wood, foam and acrylic) allowing us to create detailed scale models of all the equipment, buildings and even construction vehicles.

The model we produced allowed a complete breakdown of the construction and installation phases, as elements of the model could be slowly built up and added or taken away for a step by step guide, giving a true representation of the proposed finished site prior to construction.

The R.O.C drill ran by Dong Energy proved a complete success, bringing together all the parties involved prior to construction to give an overview of general requirements and their involvements at each stage. This achieved a thorough break down and analysis, aiding the process not only by outlining underlying issues within the installation, but also dramatically improving and creating relations between all parties.

The model we supplied allowed everyone to fully visualise each stage, and created discussion points to enhance understanding and appreciation of the site and the constraints around it, emphasising the importance of communication.

The exercise was seen as a vital role in the development of the Westermost Rough Substation with the model being kept on site for daily use.

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