Substation Structures

Denny North – Substation

As part of the Beauly-Denny transmission line regeneration project Alstom Grid were tasked with the design and build of a new substation for Scottish Power. This substation, known as Denny North and located 2km Northeast of Dunipace, is to accommodate 400kV and 275kV AIS switchgear and become an integral part of the new 400kV transmission line network.
Kelvin Energy were employed by Alstom Grid to design and supply aluminium and steel structures.

Upon award of the contract Kelvin Energy asked to accelerate their design and supply contract to accommodate the condensed construction programme. This required careful planning for the design and manufacturing phase of the project. To assist Alstom in meeting their programme deadlines Kelvin engineers produced concept designs and provided interface loading information to allow the civil design to be undertaken ahead of schedule.
The design of the aluminium structures had to take into account the reduced manufacturing time allowed for within the construction program so to assist with this the structures were based on a modular uniform cross section approach. The modular approach reduced both the manufacturing time and also the assembly time on site and along with the manufacturing programme produced in consultation with Alstom, Kelvin energy  were able to deliver over 360 aluminium support structures to site on time.

All structures on the 275kV and 400kV sites have been erected and equipment installation is ongoing.
As one of the first Alstom Grid projects to include 400kV aluminium equipment support structures this project was a landmark step for Alstom Grid. Kelvin Energy was able to provide in depth knowledge on aluminium design and fabrication and used their experience to assist Alstom engineers with their transition from steel support structures to aluminium.
Being able to offer expert advice and assist with all manner of substation interface issues has ensured that Alstom Grid has returned to Kelvins for the neighbouring sites at Bonnybridge and Longannet.
Throughout the delivery and erection phase Kelvin Energy were able to have Project Managers from the Perth office attend site on a regular basis ensuring that all delivery, programming and installation issues were dealt with personally on site. This ensured that the Alstom site representatives had confidence in the product being delivered and that potential issues with their contractors were addressed at the earliest opportunity.

Kelvin Power Structure